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Barista basis - Advising on and preparing coffee.


Barista basis - Advising on and preparing coffee.



Coffee is an essential part of our daily lives. Whether you order a cappuccino, latte macchiato, or a regular coffee, we all expect a perfectly prepared cup of coffee. To be able to offer this quality, employers in the hospitality and catering industry need skilled baristas. The coffee market is rapidly developing, and employers cannot keep up with the pace. This means that there is a great need for (re)training in the field of coffee preparation. Fortunately, there are many job openings for baristas, and companies are also willing to offer you a training program. By following this Learning Playlist Barista basis, you can work independently as a barista and prepare and advise customers on perfect coffee specialties. This Learning Playlist contains various badges that are all valuable, but the Playlist Masterbadge is the ultimate goal to achieve. Join us and become a great barista!

If you are interested in preparing and advising on coffee, both routine and specific knowledge and skills are necessary. As a barista, you always work in interaction with others, and it is important to be alert and hospitable when providing services. Mornings can be busy times when a lot of coffee is sold, so you must be stress-resistant and able to work in a structured way. As a starting barista, you work independently and are responsible for your own tasks. Within your authority, you resolve complaints, and if necessary, you ask your supervisor for help.

The beginner Barista basis who wants to advise on and prepare coffee:
  • has basic knowledge of Robusta and Arabica beans
  • has basic knowledge of coffee equipment and coffee-related materials and tools
  • has basic knowledge of cleaning agents in the food industry
  • has basic knowledge of different types of coffee tableware
  • has knowledge of the process from coffee bean to coffee
  • has knowledge of coffee brewing methods
  • has specialized knowledge of allergens in coffee preparation
  • has specialized knowledge of coffee bean roasting processes and origins and sustainability of coffee
  • can distinguish between the main coffee types
  • can assess coffee quality
  • can adjust coffee equipment
  • can describe the taste of coffee professionally
  • can operate a professional espresso machine
  • can align guest requests with the assortment
  • can prepare different types of coffee

If you want to know more about how to get the most out of this Learning Playlist, contact Vibe for personal guidance and support.

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Coffee evaluation
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As a novice professional in the world of coffee, it is crucial to understand how to gather information about the various types of coffee in the assortment. By reading and interpreting information on the label, you can investigate the origin and roasting of the coffee beans and learn more about the taste profiles of each coffee. Of course, tasting the coffee is the highlight of this process and will help you gain a deeper understanding of the subtle flavors and aromas of the different coffees. By creating a flavor profile, you can expand your knowledge of coffee and distinguish yourself as a true connoisseur. So what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of coffee and discover everything you can learn about this delicious drink!

When you have earned all the badges, you have achieved the following results:
  • The coffee in the assortment has been researched,
  • and a flavor profile has been created.

To earn badges, you must exhibit the corresponding behavior:
  • You accurately collect information about the coffee,
  • taste the coffee in a thorough and reliable way,
  • and construct a structured flavor profile.

Do you want to achieve these results and skills too? You can! Step by step, you can develop and refine them through the Open Badges that are an integral part of this activity. These badges provide a structured and stimulating way to increase your knowledge and skills and to promote your professional development towards the Barista Basic level. Whether you are a beginner in the world of coffee or already have some experience, these badges will help you distinguish yourself as an expert and excel in your work.

This activity offers a wide range of underlying competencies, including Formulating and Reporting, Research, Creating and Innovating. These three additional competencies are essential for achieving success in the world of coffee. Fortunately, these three competencies can also be recognized and validated through the Open Badges - your coach is ready to guide and support you in earning these badges and developing your skills and knowledge.

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Badge informationEndorsements
You have to get all badges from the list below
The badge holder has proven to be a dedicated and competent coffee evaluator. He or she can proudly demonstrate the following achievements and skills:
  • The coffee assortment has been researched;
  • a taste profile has been established;
  • accurately collects information about the coffee;
  • tastefully and reliably evaluates the coffee;
  • structures a taste profile.

These accomplishments have been recognized and rewarded in consultation with the badge holder by the coach and supervisor who issued the badge as a sign of the badge holder's accomplishments.
Whether you are a reader of this badge who is an employer looking for talented and competent baristas, or a professional looking to demonstrate and enhance your skills, this badge is a clear indication of knowledge and skills in the world of coffee.
Task no.1
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Strive for excellence and complete your journey to coffee expertise by achieving all three badges:
  • the information collector,
  • the coffee taster,
  • taste profiler.

But it doesn't stop there - increase the value of your badge by adding your learning process and achievements to it. This allows potential employers and customers to gain a better understanding of your dedication to coffee excellence and the skills you have developed.
Orders and coffee advisor
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#problemen oplossen
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#klanten vertellen welke soorten thee of koffie er beschikbaar zijn
#koffie bereiden
#create coffee flavour profiles
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