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SHL competencies


SHL competencies



A competency is the ability to proficiently perform an action or solve a problem based on knowledge, skills, and attitudes, among other things. Employers can use various methods, such as testing, interviews, and other assessment methods, to measure competencies (source: SHL).

In this learning playlist, you will find 8 activities with competencies that can be achieved within VIBE:
  • Leading and deciding
  • Supporting and collaborating
  • Adapting and coping
  • Analyzing and interpreting
  • Entrepreneurship and performing
  • Creating and learning
  • Organizing and executing

Each activity includes several smaller competencies. You can achieve these smaller competencies in consultation with your coach and work supervisor and earn an open badge. You can add these open badges to your portfolio or CV, which can be helpful for job applications.

See what you would like to be able to do or already can do. Even competencies you already have mastered are worth confirming through VIBE. Earn your open badges now. More information about this is available at VIBE.

Have fun!

Activities to complete

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Leading and Deciding
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At VIBE, we understand that it can be difficult to find a job that suits you. That's why at VIBE, you get the chance to discover your passions and expand your resume with certificates that match your personal skills.

Creating and Learning

At the Learning Practice Center, you can work on the Creating and Learning competency. Here, you will work on the following skills:
  • Investigating
  • Creating and innovating
  • Learning

During the program, you will receive the guidance you need to learn what you enjoy and to reach a place where you would love to work. You will keep control over your own progress, and expand your network and CV. So that you will be completely ready to work at that one cool workplace.

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You have to get 3 badges in this project
The holder of this badge has demonstrated the following 3 competencies at VIBE:

Creating and innovating
The holder of this badge achieved it with the support of a fixed work coach and a work supervisor from the social entrepreneur. The work coach and work supervisor determine when a skill or competency has been achieved and an open badge is awarded.
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To earn the following three badges:
  • Researching
  • Creating and innovating
  • Learning
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