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Interact, Influence and Present


Interact, Influence and Present



At VIBE, we understand that it can be difficult to find a job that fits you. That's why at VIBE, you get the opportunity to discover your passions and expand your CV with certificates that match your personal skills.

Interact, Influence and Present

At the Learning Practice Center, you can work on the competency of Leading and Deciding. Here, you will work on the following skills:
  • Building relationships and networks
  • Influencing and Persuading
  • Presenting.

It sounds like VIBE offers personalized guidance to help individuals discover their passions and expand their skills with relevant certificates. The program also aims to assist individuals in finding a job that aligns with their interests and preferences, while empowering them to maintain control over their career path. Through this process, participants can enhance their network and add valuable experience to their CV to become better equipped for their dream job.

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Badge informationEndorsements
You have to get 3 badges in this project
The holder of this badge has demonstrated the following 3 competencies at VIBE:
  • Building Relationships and Networking
  • Persuading and Influencing
  • Presenting

The holder of this badge has obtained it with the support of a fixed work coach and a work supervisor from the social enterprise. The work coach and work supervisor determine when a skill or competency has been achieved and an open badge is awarded.
Task no.1
Issued by organiser or scanning QR code
Earn the following 3 badges:
  • Building and networking relationships
  • Persuading and influencing
  • Presenting
Career and job readiness
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