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Preparing coffee

Recipe follower

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The badge holder has proven to be a dedicated and competent recipe follower. With pride, he or she can demonstrate the following results and skills:
  • prepares coffee according to company recipe and expertly chooses ingredients and tableware.
These achievements have been officially recognized and rewarded by the coach and work supervisor, who issued the badge as a sign of the badge holder's accomplishments.
Task no.1
Issued by organiser or scanning QR code
To be able to prepare coffee according to company recipe and expertly choose ingredients and tableware, you can perform tasks such as:
  • Acquiring knowledge about different types of coffee and their taste profiles. Doing an internship or working in a coffee shop can help you gain the necessary knowledge.
  • Understanding how the coffee equipment works and how to use it properly. Workshops and trainings are regularly offered by coffee companies and suppliers of coffee equipment.
  • Knowing which ingredients are needed to make different types of coffee and how these ingredients are measured and weighed can be practiced under the guidance of an experienced barista.
  • Ask your supervisor to share the company recipe and discuss the different requirements and steps with him/her. Study the company recipe and write down important information, such as the amount of ingredients and the steps for preparing the coffee. Practice making the coffee according to the company recipe and ask for feedback from your supervisor or colleagues. Take notes of any issues or questions you have about the company recipe and discuss them with your supervisor or an experienced colleague.
  • You can consult books, articles, and online sources to gain knowledge about different types of coffee tableware and the corresponding presentation styles. Practice choosing tableware for different types of coffee. Try different options and experiment with finding the best match for each type of coffee.
In order to perform these tasks well, it is important that you receive good training and guidance from experienced professionals, and have enough time and space to practice and develop your skills.

Discuss with your coach which tasks you will perform to gain control over this skill. With the aim of improving your skills as a novice professional in accurately collecting information about coffee and becoming a real coffee expert.

Together with your supervisor and coach, you determine when you have sufficiently developed these skills and earned your badge. Personalize your badge and make it more valuable by adding your unique learning process and achievements. This way, potential employers and customers get a better idea of your dedication to coffee excellence and the specific skills you have developed. Show that you are a real coffee expert!


Preparing coffee
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