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MRYS competence model

Midland Regional Youth Service Ltd.’s (MRYS) Competency Framework, incorporates all roles and responsibilities, across all levels, in the organisation. This framework is used to help people develop a shared sense of the values of the organisation.

You can find the following MRYS Competence Model competences available as Skills tags.

Building Partnerships & Positive Working Relationships

Actively listens to everything
Builds relevant relationships
Can see where MRYS should / not be
Has awareness of local community (local knowledge) Shares expertise and time
Has knowledge of how resources are allocated and used
Is always professional
Looks to long term relationships
Makes use of contacts
Uses experience to make decisions
Utilizes internal relationships
Works with other agencies for common goals


Ability to challenge effectively, respectfully and professionally
Ability to make people feel at ease
Accept consultation as part of what we do
Accept difference
Adapt to who you are communicating with
Approachable Give appropriate space
Awareness of your delivery of a message
Knowing how other people work
Open to other opinions

Quality Work Standards

Accept that Quality Work Standards are the responsibility of everyone in the organisation
Be aware of constraints outside of the org’s control, i.e. government policy
Challenging other’s quality (i.e. use of headed paper, emails etc)
Creating a culture of good practice
Creating high standards
Ensure information is shared and understood across the organisation
Observe organisation policy and procedures set down
Open to reviewing policy and procedure Take time to be participate in quality systems, whether actively in group meetings or following processes agreed

Organisational Awareness

Be aware of pressures and threats (this was good exercise to reflect)
Complete timely and effective monthly reports, annual reports
Identify and utilize skills within the organisation
Knowing which hat to wear and when (e.g. MRYS / Project / Club / Meeting / Young people)
Knowing who and when to contact (Internal / External)
Recognise organisational and personal strengths
Using experience of MRYS organisation to promote the org and work towards best practice

Judgement & Problem Solving

Always mindful of goal of organisation
Ensures decisions are always grounded in the policies and ethos of MRYS Ltd.
Evaluates other methods
Focuses on the process to achieve a task or goal
Investigates / Explores all the information before judging or taking action Actively Listens
Is Adaptable
Is open
Is respectful others’ views (especially when different from your own)
Mindful not to make rash decisions, taking time to reflect, consider alternatives and assess
Recognises all factors to a problem

Integrity & Initiative

Exercises integrity using policies
Finds common goals and makes a regional response
Is mindful of who we represent
Participates in extra projects e.g. work groups
Presents oneself in a positive way
Uses best practice
Uses common language
Uses initiative
Willing to take on responsibility and is mindful of MRYS as an organisation versus individual projects
Working collectively as an organisational team rather than individual projects

Continuous Improvement & Learning

Can identify and clarify problems
Is open to improvement
Makes own resources (your skills and attributes) available
Passes on information and shares training and skills
Personal reflection – can say “I don’t have the skills needed”
Promotes other training and opportunities
Shares information and personal learning to help others
Up skills (Young people, CE, core staff, volunteers)
Uses resources within the organisation (Using people, spaces, food, can be cost effective)

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