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Orders and coffee advisor

Question answerer

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The badge holder has proven to be a dedicated and competent question answerer. He or she can proudly demonstrate the following results and skills:
  • correctly answers specific questions, comes up with appropriate solutions to complaints within the company's possibilities, or timely involves their supervisor.
These achievements have been officially recognized and rewarded by the coach and supervisor who issued the badge as a sign of the badge holder's performance.
Task no.1
Issued by organiser or scanning QR code
There are different ways in which you, as a novice barista, can learn how to answer specific questions correctly and come up with appropriate solutions for complaints:
  • Role-plays: You can practice role-plays with a colleague, in which you answer specific questions and resolve complaints. Different scenarios can be created and practiced so that you, as a novice barista, gain experience with various situations.
  • On-the-job experience: You can listen attentively to customers and ask questions to understand their specific requests while you work. When dealing with complaints, you can immediately start brainstorming solutions and discuss them with colleagues or your coach. Through this practical experience, you can learn how to satisfy customers better.
  • Feedback from colleagues and supervisors: Colleagues, your coach, and supervisors can provide feedback on how you answer questions and resolve complaints. This feedback will give you insight into your strengths and areas for improvement, allowing you to work on enhancing your skills.

Discuss with your coach which tasks you will perform to develop this skill. Your goal is to improve your skills in accurately gathering information about coffee and become a true coffee expert.

Together with your work supervisor and coach, you will determine when you have developed these skills sufficiently and earned your badge. Personalize your badge and make it more valuable by adding your unique learning process and achievements. This will help potential employers and customers to better understand your dedication to coffee excellence and the specific skills you have developed. Show that you are a true coffee expert!


Orders and coffee advisor
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