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Communication and collaboration

Engaging citizenship through digital technologies

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The badge holder has demonstrated dedicated and competent mastery of the Communication and collaboration competency: Active citizenship using digital technology. With pride, he or she can demonstrate the following results and skills:

Participating in society through public and private digital services. Seeking opportunities to increase self-reliance and participatory citizenship through suitable digital technology.

Independently, based on my own needs and when solving clearly defined and non-routine problems, I can
  • select digital services to participate in society and discuss.
  • suitable digital technologies to increase my self-reliance and participate as a citizen in society.
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These achievements have been recognized and rewarded in consultation with the badge holder by the coach and work supervisor who issued the badge as a sign of the badge holder's achievements. Whether you are a reader of this badge who is an employer looking for a person with digital skills, or someone who wants to demonstrate and strengthen their skills, this badge is a clear indication of digital knowledge and skills.
Task no.1
Issued by organiser or scanning QR code
Make a plan with your coach on which tasks you will perform to gain control over the following skills:
  • selecting digital services to participate in society;
  • discussing suitable digital technologies to increase your self-reliance and participate as a citizen in society.

Examples to develop these skills:
There are many digital services available that allow you to participate in society as a citizen.
  • A good example of this is filing tax returns online. By doing this online, you save time and effort and can fill in the declaration at any time, wherever you are.
  • Other digital services include applying for allowances, consulting medical records or checking in at an airport.
In addition, there are numerous digital technologies available that can help you increase your self-reliance and participate in society as a citizen.
  • For example, using apps to live healthier or manage your finances.
  • But also using social media can help you maintain contact with friends and family, and stay up-to-date with news and developments in society.
It is important to know which digital services and technologies are available and how to use them. This way you can benefit optimally from the advantages that digital technologies offer, and actively participate in society as a citizen.

But it doesn't stop there - increase the value of your badge by adding your learning process and achievements to your badge. This allows potential employers to gain a better understanding of your digital skills.


Communication and collaboration
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