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Communication and collaboration

Sharing through digital technologies

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The badge holder has demonstrated dedication and competence in mastering the Communication and Collaboration competency: Sharing Using Digital Technologies. With pride, he or she can demonstrate the following achievements and skills:

Engaging with others using various digital technologies and understanding which digital communication tools are appropriate for a given context.

At the most advanced and specialized level, I can:
  • Find solutions to complex problems with many interacting factors related to sharing using digital technology;
  • recommend new ideas and processes for the domain.
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These achievements have been recognized and rewarded in consultation with the badge holder by the coach and work supervisor, who have issued the badge as a sign of the badge holder's achievements. Whether you, as the reader of this badge, are an employer looking for a person with digital skills or someone looking to demonstrate and strengthen their skills, this badge is a clear sign of digital knowledge and skills.
Task no.1
Issued by organiser or scanning QR code
Make a plan with your coach on which tasks you will perform to master the following skills:
  • Finding solutions to complex problems with many interacting factors related to sharing using digital technologies;
  • recommending new ideas and processes for the domain.

Examples to develop these skills:
  • A practical example of how you can practice finding solutions to complex problems with many interacting factors related to sharing using digital technologies is, for example, designing a secure and reliable system for sharing sensitive information between different organizations.
  • Imagine that various government agencies need to share information with each other to detect criminal activities. This information contains sensitive personal data and must therefore be shared securely.
  • It is important to take into account the various interests and rules of each agency and ensure that the information is only accessible to authorized users.
  • To solve this problem, as a team, you can come up with different ideas for a secure sharing system and compare them with each other.
  • For example, you can research which security protocols are most suitable for this specific situation.
  • You can also research and evaluate different systems and tools for encryption and authentication to determine which is most suitable for this scenario.
  • To recommend new ideas and processes for the domain, you can participate in a think tank or working group on digital technology and information sharing.
  • By collaborating with other professionals and experts, you can gain new insights and come up with innovative solutions to problems in the domain.
  • Additionally, you can attend conferences and seminars, where you can listen to lectures from experts in this field and participate in discussions about the latest developments and trends.
  • By staying up to date on the latest developments and keeping up with the best practices in the field, you can recommend new ideas and processes that are relevant and valuable to the community.

But it doesn't end there - increase the value of your badge by adding your learning process and achievements to your badge. This allows potential employers to gain a better understanding of your digital skills.


Communication and collaboration
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