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Communication and collaboration

Internacting through digital technologies

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The badge holder has demonstrated dedication and competence in mastering the Communication and Collaboration competence: Interaction using digital technology. With pride, he or she can demonstrate the following achievements and skills:

Engaging in interaction with others using various digital technologies and understanding which digital communication tools are suitable for a particular context.

At the most advanced and specialized level, I can:
  • develop solutions for complex problems with many interacting factors related to interaction using digital technology and digital communication tools;
  • recommend new ideas and processes for the domain.
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These achievements have been recognized and rewarded in consultation with the badge holder by the coach and supervisor who issued the badge as a sign of the badge holder's achievements. Whether you, as the reader of this badge, are an employer seeking a person with digital skills or someone who wants to demonstrate and strengthen their skills, this badge is a clear indication of digital knowledge and skills.
Task no.1
Issued by organiser or scanning QR code
Make a plan with your coach about which tasks you will perform to master the following skills:
  • Generating solutions for complex problems with many interacting factors related to interaction using digital technology and digital communication tools; recommending new ideas and processes for the domain.

Examples for developing these skills:
  • A practical example of how you can practice generating solutions for complex problems using digital technology and communication tools is by designing a website. Suppose you need to design a website for an organization that focuses on sustainable energy. Then, you need to ensure that the website presents information about sustainable energy in a clear and organized way and that users have easy access to the most important information.
  • To achieve this, it is important to consider various interacting factors, such as the website's target audience, desired functionalities, user-friendliness, aesthetics, and technical feasibility.
  • You can use digital tools such as wireframing software and prototype tools to visualize and test the website's design.
  • If you find that the website contains too much information and makes it difficult for users to find what they need, you can consider using digital technologies such as filters or search engines to make the content more accessible.
  • If you find that the website is not visually appealing enough, you can use digital design tools such as Adobe Photoshop or Sketch to enhance the website's visual elements.
  • Recommending new ideas and processes for the domain can be achieved, for example, by using digital communication tools. You can participate in online discussion forums or social media groups that focus on sustainable energy to learn about the latest developments and share ideas with others. By actively participating in these online communities and sharing your knowledge and experiences, you can contribute to developing new ideas and processes for the domain.
  • In general, it is important to be creative and flexible in solving complex problems and recommending new ideas and processes for a particular domain. The use of digital technologies and communication tools can play an important role in this.

But that's not all - increase the value of your badge by adding your learning process and achievements to your badge. This enables potential employers to gain a better understanding of your digital skills.


Communication and collaboration
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