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Organizing and executing

To focus on the needs and expectations of the customer

Badge informationEndorsements
The holder of this badge has demonstrated the following skills at VIBE:
  • Identifying customer needs and expectations
  • Aligning with customer needs and expectations
  • Monitoring customer satisfaction

The skill of focusing on the needs and expectations of the customer is part of the competency of organizing and executing (SHL). The holder of this badge has achieved this badge with the support of a fixed job coach and a work supervisor from the social entrepreneur. The job coach and work supervisor determine when a skill or competency has been achieved and an open badge is awarded.
Task no.1
Issued by organiser or scanning QR code
Show the following:
  • actively identifies the needs and expectations of internal and/or external customers
  • tries to align with them as much as possible
  • adopts a customer-focused approach
  • monitors customer satisfaction closely and takes action if necessary

You can enhance the value of the badge by adding evidence after obtaining it.


Organizing and executing
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